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              Aerial Insulated Cables with Rated Voltage 10 kV 

              10 kV Aerial Insulated Cables Standards Implemented

              This product is produced according to the national standard GB/T14049-2008, applicable to the AC rated voltage U (Um) of 10 (12) kV for overhead power line steel core, aluminum core cross-linked polyethylene or high-density polyethylene insulated aerial cable.

              Type and Designation

              Product Designation
              Main application
              JKYJ Cu core XLPE aerial insulated cable Overhead fixed laying, soft copper core products for the transformer lead, cable erection, should be considered to maintain a certain distance with the trees, the cable is running, allowing the  cables contact with trees  frequently.
              JKTRYJ Soft Cu core XLPE aerial insulated cable
              JKLYJ Al core XLPE aerial insulated cable
              JKY Cu core PE aerial insulated cable
              JKTRY Soft Cu core PE aerial insulated cable
              JKLY Al core PE aerial insulated cable
              JKLYJ/B Al core with essential color XLPE aerial insulated cable as above
              JKLYJ/Q Al core light XLPE aerial insulated cable When the cable is erected, it should be considered to maintain a certain distance from the trees. When the cable runs, only short-term contact between the cable and the tree is allowed.
              JKLY/Q Al core light PE aerial thin insulated cable

              The Specification of Aerial Insulated Cables with Rated Voltage 10 kV

              Type Number of core Rated voltage
              Nominal section (mm2)
              JKYJ,JKTRYJ,JKLYJ 1 10-300
              3 25-300
              In which. K is 25-120
              1 10-300
              JKLYJ/B 3 25-300
              In which. K is 25-120

              (1)In which,K is a supporting twisted wire,according to the requirement of the project,the specified section listed in table 2 may be selected to match with related conductor’s section.
              (2) In which,(A) is a steel supporting twisted wire,and B is a Al alloy supporting twisted wire.

              10 kV Aerial Insulated Cables Using Feature

              Maximum long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor (with load bearing structure cable)

              1. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation 90℃;

              2. High-density polyethylene insulation 75℃. In case of a short circuit (maximum duration not exceeding 5 seconds) the maximum temperature of the cable should not exceed:

              (1). Cross-linked polyethylene insulation 250℃;

              (2). High-density polyethylene insulation 150℃. The laying temperature of the cable shall not be lower than -20℃; the allowable bending radius of the cable shall not be less than the diameter of the cylinder used in the cable bending test.

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              Aerial Bundle Cable
              2 Core ABC Cable
              NFC 33-209 ABC Cable
              Quadruplex Service Drop ABC Cable
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              ABC Cable
              0.6/1 KV ABC Cable
              Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
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              336.4 MCM ACSR Linnet
              4/0 Penguin ACSR
              ACSR Raven 1/0
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              Aluminum Conductors Steel-reinforced
              ACSR Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced
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              RVV Cable Product Introduction
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              Nylon Sheathed Wire
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              BVR Soft Copper Wire
              Multicore Soft Wire
              Nylon Jacketed Wire
              PVC Insulated Wire
              House Electric Wire
              H07V-K 450/750V Cable
              H07V-R 10mm2 Cable
              6242Y Cable
              1mm2 BV Copper Wire
              2.5mm2 Copper Wire
              BVR Copper Wire
              BV Electric Wire
              PVC Insulated Electric Wire
              Overhead Cables
              1kV Aerial Insulated Cable
              Aerial Insulated Cables with Rated Voltage 10 kV
              Aerial Insulated Cables with Rated Voltage 1 kV or Lower
              Overhead Cable
              10kV XLPE Insulated Overhead Cable
              0.6/1KV XLPE Overhead Cable
              0.6/1KV PVC Overhead Cable
              Multi-core Overhead Insulated Cable
              Overhead Insulated Cable
              Aerial Bundle Cable(ABC)
              Power Cables
              0.6/1 kV 4 Cores XLPE Insulated STA Power Cable
              0.6/1 kV Single Core Power Cable (YJV)
              YJV Cable
              Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Power Cable
              VV Copper Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable
              VLV Aluminum Core PVC Insulated Power Cable
              Power Cable
              Armored Power Cable
              PVC Insulated Power Cable
              XLPE Insulated Power Cable
              Low Voltage Power Cable
              0.6/1KV Copper PVC Power Cable
              0.6/1KV Aluminum XLPE Power Cable
              0.6/1KV Copper XLPE Power Cable With Steel Wire Armour
              0.6/1kV Copper XLPE Power Cable With Steel Tape Armour
              0.6/1KV Copper XLPE Power Cable
              Hard Drawn Aluminum Conductor
              Hard Drawn Aluminum Wire
              Aluminum-coated Aluminum Alloy Conductors Steel-reinforced
              Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Conductors Steel-reinforced
              Aluminum Conductors Aluminum Alloy Reinforced
              Aluminum Conductors Aluminum Alloy Stranded
              Aluminum Alloy Conductors Steel-reinforced
              Aluminum Strand
              Control Cables
              Plastic Insulated Control Cable
              Shielded Control Cable
              Control Cable
              XLPE PVC Insulated Control Cable
              Special Cables
              Two-core Parallel Cluster Overhead Cable
              Rubber Sheathed Cable
              Buried Cable
              Bare Conductor
              Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced(ACAR)
              Bare Copper Conductor
              Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
              All Aluminum Conductor (AAC)
              All Aluminum Alloy Conductor(AAAC)
              Aluminum Circles
              Aluminum Circles
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