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              Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Conductors Steel-reinforced


              Aluminum alloy aluminum conductors steel-reinforced is an overhead wire which is made up of aluminum-clad steel wire as reinforcing core and hard aluminum wire. Comparison of aluminum alloy aluminum conductors steel-reinforced and common aluminium conductor steel reinforced, stranded wire light weight by 5%, carrying capacity increased by 2 to 3%, reduce sag 1 ~ 2%, and reduce the power loss 4 ~ 6%, and anti-corrosion performance is good, long service life, simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, large transmission capacity. It is widely applicable to transmission lines of various voltage levels and transmission lines requiring increased ratios of aluminum to steel, and can also be used in transmission lines in coastal areas, saline-alkaline beaches, and industrial contaminated areas in the third and fourth grades.

              Specifications range: 15/3mm2~1225/100mm2

              Model: JL/LB1A

              Executive Standard: GB/T 1179-2008

              JL/LB1A the specifications of Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Conductors Steel-reinforced

              Specifi-cations Steel
              Area Number of Single Wire Wire Dia. Diameter Rated Anti-pull Force
              Alu Alu.
              coated Steel
              Total Alu Alu
              Alu Alu coated Steel Alu
              coated Steel Reinfor-ced
              mm2 mm mm kN
              16 16.7 15 2.56 17.9 6 1 1.81 1.81 1.81 5.43 5.91
              25 16.7 24 4.00 28.0 6 1 2.26 2.26 2.26 6.78 9.00
              40 16.7 38 6.40 4.8 6 1 2.85 2.85 2.85 8.55 14.21
              63 16.7 60 10.08 70.6 6 1 3.58 3.58 3.58 10.7 21.17
              100 16.7 96 16.00 112.0 6 1 4.51 4.51 4.51 13.5 31.84
              125 5.6 123 6.85 130 18 1 2.95 2.95 2.95 14.8 29.18
              125 16.3 120 19.6 140 26 7 2.43 1.89 5.66 15.4 44.49
              160 5.6 158 8.77 167 18 1 3.34 3.34 3.34 16.7 36.38
              200 5.6 197 10.96 208 18 1 3.74 3.74 3.74 18.7 43.62
              250 9.8 244 24.0 268 22 7 3.76 2.09 6.26 21.3 67.80

              Product performance

              1.The electrical properties of aluminum-clad steel strand include the conductance of aluminum cladding layer in aluminum-clad steel wire, expressed in kilometre DC resistance at 20°C. The resistivity of the hard aluminum wire used for stranding is 28.264 nΩ·m.

              2.The rated tensile strength of aluminum clad steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is represented by the sum of aluminum tensile strength of aluminum clad steel-cored aluminum stranded wire and the tensile strength of aluminum clad steel.

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